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Guaranteed Weight Loss Tips For People with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

December 4, 2018

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It’s that time of the year when people start to think aboutwhat they want to change in 2019, and for many, it comes downto two simple words: “lose weight.” Obesity is actually the #1 preventablecause of obstructive sleep apnea in Vero Beach, and years of research has shownthat when someone sheds the pounds, it can drastically reduce their sleep apneasymptoms. If you’re looking to lighten up in 2019 so you can improve your appearance,sleep quality, and overall health,here are 3 simple, no-nonsense tips that will help you accomplish your goal.

1. It’s all about what you eat

Regular exercise has a ton of health benefits, but it’s actually one of the least efficient ways to lose weight. That’s why despite a MASSIVE spike in gym memberships in January, very few people end up losing the weight they want. That’s because your diet actually has the greatest influence on the amount of fat on your body.

Simply reducing your calorie intake will do WAY more than spending an hour or two at the gym every day. A great diet for weight loss is balanced and is low in sugar/carbohydrates. Primarily eating lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish), vegetables, nuts, various dairy products, and pretty much anything without a lot of added sugar or starch will help naturally lower your daily calories, which in turn will allow your metabolism to quickly burn off any excess fat.

2. Watch out for calorie traps

While avoiding candy and fast food is relatively straightforward, one of the most common ways people add thousands to their diets every day is by consuming sugary drinks, whether that’s coffee, soda, or energy drinks. Many people don’t really think about them, but in most cases, these kinds of beverages are packed with so much sugar that you might as well be eating a pack of M&Ms every time you drink one. If you’re thirsty throughout the day, water is always your best choice. It’s often free, has no added sugar, and will keep you hydrated and feeling better throughout the day.

3. Get your sleep apnea under control

Sleep apnea and weight gain actually have a cyclical relationship. People who are obese tend to suffer from higher rates of obstructive sleep apnea because excess tissue around the throat makes it much easier for the airway to collapse during sleep.

On the flip side, sleep deprivation due to sleep apnea can also make it much easier for a person to gain weight. It can throw off the balance of a person’s hunger hormones (leptin and ghrelin), causing someone to both feel more hungry and less full throughout the day, which can easily lead someone to consume hundreds of extra calories and pack on the pounds.

If you already have sleep apnea or are exhibiting the common signs of it (chronic exhaustion, loud snoring, waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air), getting the right treatment can be a HUGE advantage in your weight-loss journey. Quality sleep every night will help your body get back to equilibrium and ensure that your hunger hormones remain at the right levels, helping you lessen and even eliminate those stubborn cravings for unhealthy foods.

The Ultimate Tip

All of these tips are guaranteed to help someone lose weight, but they all require one important thing: consistency. If you maintain a balanced diet, avoid sugary drinks, and stay on top of your sleep apnea treatment, you will definitely see that number on the scale start to go down. As a result, you’ll look better, feel better, and sleep better, giving you the energy and confidence to turn 2019 into something truly special.

About the Author

Dr. Kenneth Mogell is a sleep dentist and Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. For more than 3 decades, he has provided sleep treatment in Vero Beach using specially-made oral appliances that can help stop both sleep apnea and persistent snoring. Weight-loss is often a big part of overcoming sleep apnea long-term, so for more individualized tips on how you can improve both your health and sleep going into 2019, he can be contacted through his website.  

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