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Is Sleep Testing Really Worth It?

September 18, 2019

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You’ve been feeling sluggish lately, and your doctor has suggested that you undergo a sleep test — but you aren’t convinced that the test is worth the hassle. After all, you’ll have to spend a night hooked up to a machine. You might even have to pack up your pajamas and head to a sleep laboratory. Despite the inconveniences, you can rest assured that sleep testing in Melbourne really is worth it! It can provide you with valuable insight into the quality of your sleep and get you on the road to enjoying most restful nights and improved overall health. Let’s talk more about some of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to have a sleep study performed.

Your Health

A lack of high-quality sleep does more than just make you drowsy. Chronic sleep deprivation is a significant risk factor in a number of serious health conditions, including heart attack, stroke, dementia, depression, and more. A sleep test can diagnose disorders that could be robbing you of the rest you need. In many cases, treatment is quite simple after diagnosis. For example, if you have obstructive sleep apnea, finding relief may be as simple as visiting a dental sleep medicine expert who provides oral appliance therapy.

Your Significant Other’s Health

Your sleep problems can have a detrimental effect on your partner’s sleep as well. For example, if sleep apnea is causing you to snore loudly, that can be a huge barrier to your partner getting the rest they need. Insomnia or restless leg syndrome can also keep your partner awake at night. The longer such problems go on, the greater the risk that your partner will suffer from the adverse health effects of chronic sleep deprivation.

Your Budget

It’s true that sleep testing can cost quite a bit of money, but it costs much less than the bills you may have to pay if you end up with serious health problems due to sleep deprivation. Plus, your insurance may be willing to pay for part or all of the costs associated with your test.

Another way a sleep test can save you money is by sparing you from the expense of trying to solve your own sleep woes without professional help. For example, if you suspect that your mattress is causing problems for you, you might spend hundreds of dollars on a new one — only to find out that a new mattress did nothing to improve the quality of your sleep.

A sleep test might seem like a big inconvenience, but it is worth it! It can be the first step toward a healthier, happier you and a healthier, happier bed partner!

About the Author

Dr. Kenneth Mogell is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine who focuses on providing oral appliance therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. He has over 30 years of experience in dentistry. If you believe you may have sleep apnea, Dr. Mogell and our team will be happy to evaluate your symptoms and help you arrange to undergo a sleep test. You can contact our Melbourne office at 321-313-5350. 

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