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"About a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. The "Sleep Disorder Doctor" recommended the CPAP air mask, which was effective but had some drawbacks.

"On my follow-up appointment, I discussed this with him. He was familiar with the dental appliance, and referred me to Dr. Kenneth Mogell, a Dental Sleep Disorder Doctor. He and his staff fitted me with a dental appliance.

"The most significant fact is that the dental appliance has worked. My one-year follow up sleepover study showed a reduction from 127 incidents to just one incident. And the device is far less inconvenient than the CPAP.

"Another important factor is that, while Dr. Mogell and his staff appear to be very knowledgeable and competent, they are also very pleasant people. As a patient, I felt that they were pleased to treat me and got a lot of satisfaction from helping me.

"Also, they stay with the appointment schedule. In many medical offices a patient can wait up to an hour after appointment time before seeing the doctor. This does not happen with Dr. Mogell's office. He or a staff member will see the patient within a few minutes of the appointment time.

"I recommended a friend to them and he was very pleased with what they did for him. They deserve high recommendations, and I wish them continued success in treating and making their patients healthy and satisfied. - George R.

Dear Doctor Mogell and Lea,
Last night I did the sleep study here in Vero Beach with my new mouth piece for sleep apnea. I am so excited because it works . After many years of using a face mask to control my sleep apnea this makes sleeping a joy. I sleep better and wake up feeling good. The comfort of the mouth piece is so improved.Thank you both for all you have done to make this a wonderful experience in my life. - Mary R.

"Dr. Mogell and Staff,
After more than a year of struggling with my CPAP, I was fortunate to find you in the Vero Beach location. There are no words to describe the difference the Oral Appliance has made in my life. No more masks over my face, no more straps that left marks on my face, very little dry mouth, no sore mouth, and no stuffy head and nose. No more waking up at 3:00am and having to either take the CPAP off or adjust it. Some nights I was still awake at 5:00am.... so I had lots of early rising mornings.

With the Oral Appliance, I have had no problems....sleep through the night most nights. If I do wake up, I go back to sleep immediately.

Dr. Mogell you and your staff have been wonderful, could not have asked for a better experience. My Oral Appliance is one of my most treasured possessions. Thank you." - Juanita T.

"I have been so pleased with everything at Dr. Kenneth Mogell's office. His staff, including Lea Goldstein and others, have always been helpful and friendly and I have never really had to wait in the office like we all do for many appointments. Most importantly, the results from the mouthpiece I received from Dr. Mogell have been fantastic. My snoring has improved significantly and my apnea appears to be cured. For anyone considering a mouthpiece as a way to treat sleep apnea, I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Mogell's office. " - Mark D.

"I just want to thank you for such a positive experience obtaining my Sleep Apnea Appliance. I was skeptical at first, but your warm, welcoming, professional staff especially Lea put me at ease immediately. I still wasn't completely convinced I needed the appliance or that it would make a difference until the first night I used it. It was beyond any expectations I could have had. I am sleeping so much better and looking refreshed in a way I haven't in years! I would like to thank Lea as well because she was so informative, knowledgeable and comforting that any question I had was promptly answered, any issue with the appliance was immediately resolved.

You and your staff are the best!! - Mary D.

Dear Dr Mogell and Staff,

It is with great pleasure to be writing this email to you!! How can I express my utmost gratitude to a team of people who literally changed not only my quality of life, but my significant other's life as well? The only way is to spread the word of how remarkable your product and services truly are!! I cannot believe the dramatic change in my life in such a short period of time by utilizing this easy to use mouthpiece that you created for me. I want to commend you and your staff on your professionalism, knowledge, expertise and precision. I felt this from the first day I walked through your office doors, to the molding of my custom fitted mouthpiece and it has continued through my weekly visits. Dr Mogell, you and your staff have created an environment and atmosphere in your office that is absolutely remarkable!! Aesthetically, your office is stunning, not to mention that you and your staff are pretty stunning too!! (LOL), it is so apparent that you run a well oiled operation. Although, I live over an hour away, and it was well worth the drive, it was very reassuring to know that you have 2 other facilities that you operate and 1 is closer to my home for my quarterly maintenance.

Thank you for giving me a peaceful night's sleep, no middle of the night wake-ups, no worries to my partner that I stopped breathing (now he is sleeping through the night too), pleasant dreams and most importantly......ENERGY!!! I am no longer exhausted everyday, from not getting the proper amount of REM sleep!! I could go on and on, not to mention scream from the roof top how ecstatic I am, but like I said earlier on, best way is by spreading the word about you. Therefore please feel free to give my phone number to any potential patients if they want to hear a live testimony from an extremely grateful patient. - Jodi F.

"My husband has one of these and I can attest this is the best invention ever! Not only is he sleeping better, but so am I. Can't say enough good things- if you or someone you know have sleep apnea, it is a no brainer. And make sure to have yours fit by someone with TMJ expertise, like Dr. Mogell, since this is a custom piece. My husband had tried a cheap (do it yourself mold) previously and it didn't work half as well and caused his teeth to loosen. So a properly fitted appliance is key. The difference is night and day... or should I say peaceful sleep-filled nights and much better days?"  - Dr. Ruth Berman

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