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Do you snore loudly? Are you always exhausted? Has your partner expressed concern because you sometimes stop breathing at night? You should visit a qualified sleep dentist in Boca Raton. Dr. Kenneth Mogell helps patients achieve higher quality rest via comfortable, effective oral appliance therapy. On this page, you will learn about what we do and what you can expect if you decide to join our practice as a new patient.

Sleep Evaluation

CPAP therapy is the most commonly prescribed treatment for sleep apnea in Boca Raton. However, it is common for CPAP patients to complain that their machine is uncomfortable, noisy, and inconvenient. Does that story hit close to home? If so, we invite you to take a moment to complete our sleep evaluation. After we assess your answers, we will have a good idea of whether an oral sleep appliance could help you say farewell to your CPAP.

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Insurance Information

For many patients, medical insurance covers a significant portion of the cost of oral appliance therapy. Even though the treatment is provided by a dentist, it is used to remedy a medical condition. Hence, regular dental insurance does not cover it. Dr. Mogell and our team never want you to become overly stressed about the cost of your oral appliance. That is why we are happy to work with many different insurance providers, including Medicare. To learn how our insurance experts can help you save, follow the link below.

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New Patient FAQs

Are you ready to learn more about our Boca Raton practice and how we may be able to help you sleep better every night? Here are answers to a few common questions that our patients and potential patients ask:

What Is an Oral Appliance?

An oral appliance is a custom-crafted device that you wear in the mouth while you sleep. Its appearance resembles that of a sportsguard or orthodontic retainer. Oral appliances are not a perfect solution for everyone, but they have been proven effective at fighting all levels of sleep apnea, from the mild to the severe.

How Long Does an Oral Appliance Last?

As long as you care well for your oral appliance, it has the potential to stand the test of time. However, you will need to bring it to us for adjustments once in a while. When your appliance requires repair or replacement, we may be able to provide such services at a reduced fee.

Does an Oral Appliance Have any Side Effects?

Most patients experience no negative side effects from oral appliance therapy. However, some people notice changes to their bite, tenderness in their facial muscles, or increased saliva production. These side effects are usually temporary in nature. They may stop after your appliance undergoes a few adjustments.

I Can’t Stand My CPAP— Is an Oral Appliance Right for Me?

Most patients who are fed up with their CPAP machine are good candidates for oral appliance therapy. However, you should continue to use your machine until you consult with a qualified sleep physician. Whether an oral appliance will suit you depends on several factors. Our team will carefully evaluate your situation before we make a treatment recommendation.

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