What to Expect with Sleep Apnea Treatment
Melbourne, Vero Beach, & Boca Raton

Great Expectations

Have you experienced trouble sleeping and can’t pinpoint why? Take our 2-minute sleep screener
– this provides a snapshot into your sleep issues and helps give us a guidepost to see what is the
best approach to help you get the restorative sleep you need!

The path to treating your sleep apnea is well traveled. You may have certain reservations or expectations, but rest assured, we’ve been down this road before. So, to put your mind at ease we’ve laid out a roadmap on what to expect on your journey towards treatment.

Sleep apnea road map:

  • Step 1: Get a sleep study – If you haven’t had one, we can help!
  • Step 2: Consultation with FDSD to evaluate options, take a digital scan, and get fitted.
  • Step 3: Appliance delivery and sleep like a baby.