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September 27, 2018

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older couple sleeping Dr. Kenneth Mogell has been helping the people of Florida overcome snoring and sleep apnea for more than three decades, providing life-changing treatments from his Boca Raton, Vero Beach, Jupiter, and Melbourne offices. Today, he’s proud to announce the opening of a new location in Ocala! This means that even more people now have easy access to high-quality sleep care. Are you or a loved one in need of sleep apnea treatment in Ocala? Learn about everything Dr. Mogell has to offer by reading on below.

Sleep Apnea Treatment WITHOUT a CPAP

The most popular treatment prescribed to treat sleep apnea is called CPAP therapy, in which a patient wears a facemask to bed that is connected to an air pump, and this forces oxygen into the body in order to keep the airway open. As effective as this approach is, as you can imagine, many patients find it extremely uncomfortable. That’s why, according to multiple studies, about 50% of the people prescribed to use a CPAP stop within the first year!

At Florida Dental Sleep Disorders, Dr. Mogell is able to offer a more conservative treatment that is often just as effective: oral appliance therapy. Instead of a loud and bulky machine, all a patient has to do is wear a small mouthpiece to bed each night. It will be designed to comfortably fit over their particular teeth, and it will slightly shift the lower jaw forward in order to keep the airway unobstructed. Dr. Mogell’s oral appliances are easy to use, proven to work, and one can literally fit in your pocket. He can even provide oral appliances that are specifically designed to help someone stop snoring!

Help with Sleep Testing

Did you know that about 80% of the people with sleep apnea are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed? That means a lot of people with the condition are going completely untreated! The only way to figure out if a person has sleep apnea is for them to undergo a sleep test, and Dr. Mogell is partnered with many local physicians so he can help patients find a sleep professional near them. Basically, Dr. Mogell and his team can walk a person through the entire process of taking care of their sleep apnea, from diagnosis to treatment and everything in between, so they’re able to get what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sleep Apnea Education

Sleep apnea is becoming more well-known as time goes by, but most people still don’t know some very basic facts about it. What causes sleep apnea? Are some people more at risk for it than others? What happens when sleep apnea goes untreated? Are there any lifestyle habits that can help a person lessen their sleep apnea?

With more than 30 years of experience as a sleep dentist, Dr. Mogell has all the answers his patients need to finally get a good night’s rest. He believes that an informed patient is usually a healthy one as well, so if you ever have any questions about sleep apnea or snoring, he’s ready and able to give you all the information you need (plus his website is an excellent resource as well).

Come Get the Rest You Need

If you’re tired of feeling tired, Dr. Mogell is the man you want to see. Whether you want to stop snoring, need help with sleep apnea, or simply want a CPAP alternative in Ocala, he’s ready to provide what you need to start feeling great in the morning again. To learn more about what he could do for you through the words of some of his satisfied patients, click here. Or, if you’re ready to start getting answers to your sleep problems, contact our Ocala office today to schedule a consultation.

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